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From the figurative style, this painter evolved to reach the abstract stage in which he presently is, thanks to the complex and long research process he developed from the questions that move this artist, lover of Incan culture, and especially, of its architecture, as well as of the shapes and peculiarities of its constructions. But, Simeón Gonzáles marks a style which is his own. In his extensive work, he approaches a variety of tendencies and even makes certain hues, his, as these mark his last works´ abstract and suggestive language.

Cusco is a wonderful city that holds within itself a rich Inka culture and unparalleled art. From the majesty of its carved stone buildings to the exquisiteness of its textiles and ceramics, Cusco is a treasure.

To walk through its streets is to immerse oneself in a magical world, where one breathes the history and cultural legacy of the ancient Inkas. In every corner there are vestiges of its monumental architecture, such as the famous Temple of the Sun or the labyrinthine complex of Sacsayhuaman, which amazed the Spanish conquerors for its perfection and magnitude.